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Pirate Explorer   


'Pirate Explorer' is a colorful free to play adventure game. 
Players find themselves stranded on a deserted island with 
one goal - find the lost treasure of Captain Grimbeard. 
To do this, neighboring islands have to be explored 
one by one, which is done mostly through hidden object 

The game is foremost focused on the town building. 
The player creates a small pirate settlement 
for the crew and the craftspeople. 

The settlement grows as the upgraded ships need more people 
and resources to sail. Sometimes there's a need to search for items 
washed out by the sea, there's also more than one forgotten cave 
with a minor treasure to be found. 

This absorbing game offers hours of gameplay without getting boring. 
The art works greatly to its advantage - hidden object scenes 
are breath-taking while the character and building design turn 
the game into a fantastic fairy-tale. Itís a great example of a highly 
detailed and quite complex town-building game with even greater 
potential that can be explored with the upcoming updates.

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